unable to edit bibliography

I am a longtime endnote user but have run into a problem. With Macbook OS Sierra 10.3 and Pages and Endnote X7.8 I am unable to edit the bibliography generated, which appears as a big blue block whenever I click on it. Would appreciate help.

Edit it how? (you aren’t supposed to be able to edit it directly)  Does it print?  

Am unable to edit individual references in the bibliography or turn formatting off in Pages 

For example in an edited volume the first two of the three editors appear as initials MSSP a. A.S and I need to put in the last name in Pages document even though it is correctly entered in the Endnote reference.

I suspect the editors’ names are not correctly entered into Endnote.  The authors and editors should be entered one to a line, surname first is best

Surname1, A. B

Surname2, C. D. 

Wait for a new update in Endnote. It would be flexible for Endnote users.

Wait for a new update in Endnote that would be flexible for Endnote users.