Unnamed file contains an incorrect path

Frustrated and beyond,

  1. each and everytime i try and open EndNote it asks me: “EndNote 2014.enl” already exits. do you want to replace? when i select YES,  it replaces it “extracting EndNote 2014 enlx” and it takes a while.

  2. Vancouver i need to change the style, WHEN I PRESS SAVE IT REPLIES “an unnamed file contains an incorrect path”

this is happening tooooo often.

please help

Regarding problem 1, it seems that your EndNote opens the compressed library file each time you open the problem in stead of the library file.

When EndNote is open, go to Edit → Preferences → Libraries

Change the default option for “When EndNote starts” from “Open the most recently library” to “Prompt to select a library”.

Close and open EndNote. You should now get a standard “Open file (library)” window. Find the existing library file (the one ending with .enl and not .enlx) and open it. The library should now open normally.

If you want, you can now change back the preferences back to the default option and EndNote should open the correct library file each time you open the program.

I hope this solved the problem!

Best wishes

Jan Ove