Unrecognized citations

I pasted sections of a grant application that were sent by a co-investigator but my Endnote does not recognize the citations, presumably because they were inserted with a different program.  Is there anyway to address this?  Thank you.

Can you check the original document they sent?  If they were “Endnote” citations, you should be able to “export from Endnote” on the word Endnote ribbon, and you can export either word citation or Endnote travelling library into your library.  If endnote works, then you could “update” with your library open, and it might pick them up and update them, so they are recognized - then “convert to unformatted citations” and copy the text to your paper.  If not available in the original document you will need to retrieve those citations into your own library, and reinsert them in the copyied text.