Unwanted text remains after the word "Ibid" in footnotes : how do I get rid of it?

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I am having an annoying little problem: I have switched the “Ibid.” function which I cannot *not use* as it would sound really unprofessional in my area…But I have a problem with this function when dealing with repeated Web Pages references.

I have tweaked the “Web Page” reference type of Chicago 15th A to add the phrase “Accessed on” at the end of the reference, followed by the text filled in the Access Year and Access Date. To achieve that I have written “Accessed on” myself in the template. This works great. The only problem is that when I repeat a reference to a web page, the following footnote reads “Ibid. Accessed on.”

Does anybody know what I can do to remove the “Accessed on” bit? Of course I have the option of deleting each occurrence myself but for those who do not know  I am due to submit very soon (3 days) and don’t have much time on my hands, so any second I can grab, Ill grab it (not to mention that if I need Endnote at the last minutes for another reason and scan the document again for references, the “accessed on” phrase will just re-appear…

Thanks a lot in advance!!

Footnotes or Bibliography?  For Bibliography, you need to surround the “Accessed on” and associated punctuation with the “link adjacent” and “forced separation” thingys available from the insert fields dropdown.  In the example I have in one of my styles

Author, ‘Title’, Series Title |[Type of Medium],| (updated*Last Update Date) <URL>|,*Accessed on*Access Date*Access Year.

Where the * is used to replace the “link adjacent” symbol, which doesn’t show up here (= non-breaking space).

For footnotes, there may be another glitch, which John East describes here:


But for emergency purposes, my solution with 3 days to go, would be to make a copy of the document and Unlink the endnote references (there is a button on the toolbar, “remove field codes”) when you are ready to submit and make your manual changes now! At least then they will stick. 

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I think this may be a bug. A similar case with repeat citations in footnote styles was reported recently. See this thread.

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Leanne : it was in the Footnotes. I’ll definitely go with the custom editing of the word doc: no time for fooling around now :).

John: thanks for pointing to the thread.

Ive got an unrelated question : I was using the oxford+footnotes+bibliography style fine until it was removed from the Univeristy of Queensland website, would you know why by any chance? (sorry Im running out of time and dont feel like opening a new thread…plus Ill stick to my edited version of chicago now, I just wonder why its been removed, it was just such a great style, I definitely shoudl have saved it somewhere; but for some reason I never thought it would be removed from that website…

Thanks everybody!