Update citations perturbs or delete additional expressions such as 'reviewed by'

Dear community,

Updating citations and bibliography delete additional expressions in the paper linked to the citations such as ‘reviewed by’.


(reviewed by Ratcliff & Smith, 2004)

–>update citations

→ (reviewed by (Ratcliff & Smith, 2004) or even (Ratcliff & Smith, 2004)

How should I do to avoid that?



I would like to precise that I use APA 6th. The problem also occurs without cliking on updating citations. Inserting a new citation would automatically provoke (reviewed by **(**Ratcliff & Smith, 2004) instead of the corrected (reviewed by Ratcliff & Smith, 2004).


You can not correct a field just by just typing in it, you need to right click in the citation and choose “edit citation, more” and add the prefix text in the appropriate box, with associated punctuation and spacing.   Typing directly in the “grey” field, will always revert to the original “field contents” otherwise.