Update: Toxicologic Pathology

Toxicologic Pathology (TPX) has been part of EndNote for a few years.  Recently, we began noticing some discrepanices in author supplied (EndNote) articles.  When we have sent queries back to authors to make reference corrections, they respond that they followed the EndNote style for TPX. 

TPX follows Chicaog style, with exceptions. These are handled a bit differently than other Chicago articles. Volume numbers are bolded in the references. En-dash should be used for page ranges. Always cap a title if it follows a colon. Chicago style guide for inclusive numbers rules.  See examples below.

As you can imagine this creates a great deal of hassle for both Production and Authors to correct.  We will share with authors the instructions to edit the style themselves, but we would appreciate when you make the next software update that this change is made.

In text citations are given in number format per AMA.

Thank you,

Courtney Pugh

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Ain, R., Tash, J. S., and Soares, M. J. (2003). Prolactin- like protein-A is a functional modulator of natural killer cells at the maternal-fetal interface. Molec Endocrinol 204 , 65–74.

Benedetti, S., Pirola, B., Pollo, B., Magrassi, L., Bruzzone, M. G., Rigamonti, D., Galli, R., Selleri, S., Di Meco, F., De Fraja, C., Vescovi, A., Cattaneo, E., and Finocchiaro, G. (2000). Gene therapy of experimental brain tumors using neural progenitor cells. Nat Med 6 , 447–50.

Smith, B. R. (2000). Magnetic resonance imaging analysis of embryos. Methods Mol Biol 135 , 211–16.

You may also ask the Endnote people directly, to generate a new style, which I would suggest especially for the publishers/editors!  Also, why not create the style and then post it on your own website as many journal publishers do?  then you know it is right and you can ask your editors to reformat using the specific style and ask the TR folks to upload it to their site too?    


Hi Leanne,

Thank you for the response.  I tried calling Thomson yesterday, and they told me to put up a post on the forum - so thank you for sharing the link.  I will fill out that information.

Courtney Pugh

ARGGH, they have been told not to say that!


While I have the attention of someone from journal, may I ask what is it with all of these different styles? In your case, what is the point of bolding a volume number or requiring the name of a journal in italics? These add nothing to the readability of the journal. Life would be much simpler if the number of journal styles was greatly reduced (especially in science and medical fields) to a common style for journal citations.

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