upgrade from x3 to x4 - flashing "hourglass" after every "cite while you write"

Upgraded from X3 to X4, now have the issue that every time when I insert a citation in a word document I get a flashing hourglass for a number of seconds. I did do an “update of citations and bibliography”, also I converted to “unformated citations” and copiec the lot to a new document, none of these helped.

Seems that every time I insert a citation endnote is doing something CPU intensive for a number of seconds, question is what ? (I do see a message flashing in theword status bar at the bottom “word is repaginating …”)

Aha, the old repagination issue.  It’s by no means unique to EndNote X4, and can be frustrating because it isn’t usually something we can solve from within EndNote – the problem usually stems from corrupted or damaged Word templates or preferences.

You didn’t mention what version of Word and what version of Windows you were using, so I can’t give you specific instructions, but what I can encourage you to do is find your Microsoft Word templates directory, and delete from it any file called “Normal”, like normal.dot or normal.dotm.  Here’s a generic set of instructions for doing so that I found via a google search:  http://www.pcdon.com/word-unstable-corrupted-normal-dot.html .  Alternatively, if Windows Search is being difficult you can try the much more complicated and difficult method of accomplishing the same thing that Microsoft recommends:  Go to http://support.microsoft.com/kb/921541 and scroll down until you get to the section entitled “Rename the Normal.dot or Normal.dotm global template file”.

Resetting the Normal template doesn’t always solve the problem you’re experiencing, but it is the most common solution to the issue.  If you continue to have trouble I’d suggest directly contacting us here in tech support via email or the telephone.