Uploading a Back-up Library Online

Is it possible to upload a back-up library online so that I can access it online through any college computer with a licence? I thought there was a Endnote Online facilty but I can’t seem to find it. Many thanks in advance! Conor

Message Edited by choran on 09-27-2008 09:24 PM

You might be thinking of EndNoteWeb.  Contact your library to ask if they have a subscription.

You can also save move your EndNote files in the same manner you transport any other files (USB stick, email, file server, etc.).

You can also compress it and email it to yourself (obviously depending on the size of the library and the restrictions your ISP may impose)  or move it to a transfer medium as described by noksagt or even put on an FTP site, to open on another computer using the “send to” (endnote X, and X1) or compress library (X2) which are available under the file menu.