URI to a particular reference in my library?

Is it possible to implement the “URI to reference” feature? For example: a URI of a paper could be something like


, where mylib1 is the name of the lib file and 12345 is the “record number” of the reference.

With such feature, we are able to embed the URI in any software (Onenote, evernote, Visio, Lucidchart, Acrobat, SPSS, etc. …, as long as they support richtext), so that we are able to locate the reference in Endnote by simply cliking the “link”. This is particularly useful and efficient!

P.s: one may wonder if such feature is really necessary, since the citation function of Endnote works with Word perfectly. It is because:

  1. To most researchers, MS Word is only a software used in the last step of a project (writing manuscript). There is a whole bunch of scientific apps in various areas that we use in a research project, and in which we always need to refer to a particular reference in our endnote lib! However, it is infeasible for endnote to support the citation feature for all these software. URI is an immediate, generic, and easy-to-implement solution.
  2. The URI feature open up a channel between endnote and any other software in any specialized field (as long as they support richtext editing). It enables the interaction (albeit in a simple manner) between endnote and other scientific apps with least development efforts, and makes endnote the core software of a research project.

As an everyday user of Endnote, I actually coded a script using autohotkey to implement the aforementioned feature. Without the native support of endnote, however, my implementation is a little glitchy still (since the interaction is based on keypress simulation). Therefore I hope URI feature can be officially supported by Endnote in a native manner.

thanks for develeping such a great software!