URL not on same line as Retrieved From

I’m hoping someone is able to help me solve this annoyance please :slight_smile:

In my bibliography, some URLs are on the same line as the Retrieved From entry, and some are on a new line, which I’m sure is outside of APA rules, and just looks silly.  Examples attached.  

NB:  I have checked in thereference entry that there is no line entered before the URL, and there is none.  

Reference entry.JPG

It is because MS Word tries to put the whole of the URL on a single line, so it moves it to the next line.  Nothing to do with EndNote settings.  If you look at it with word showing hidden characters (paragraph symbols and spaces) you will see there is no forced return.  (PS - if the URL contains a hyphen or underscore, it breaks there and can fit – but that is dependent on its construction, as if you alter it, it will break the link).