"Use full title in place of author" creates extra space


If I select “Use full title in place of author” for Anonymous Works in my style, I get an extra space in some of my footnote entries.  I am using a modified Turabian style.  The reference type in question is one for ancient texts.  The style for this has no punctuation between the author, the title of the work, and the cited passage.  An extra space appears between the title and the cited passage.

What I get, for example, is as follows:

Apocalypse of Peter (Ethiopic)  2 (trans. Caspar Detlef Gustav Müller, NTA, ed. Wilhelm Schneemelcher and Robert McLachlan Wilson, Rev. ed., 2:626).

There is an extra space between the title and the 2.  Works with an author don’t have the extra space.

Any suggestions on how to fix this, besides the obvious manual removal of the space once the codes are gone?

It would really help to append the modified Turban style at an attachment to a reply message, as the one “out of the box” doesn’t appear to have a footnote template for Ancient Text, making it harder to guess where the errant space might be coming from.  

Otherwise, the space may be coming from the “generic” footnote template?

I have attached the style as requested.

Turabian Bibliography TIasIS.ens (127 KB)