Use search attribute to search the MARC 773 field

We have a citation database that stores the journal title in the MARC 773 subfield t. I would like to set up a connection file and have one of the search options search only the 773 subfield t. What do I use as the Use attribute? Thanks in advance for your help.

It depends on how the database vendor has set up their Z39.50 server.

For example, if you look at this documentation on one of the Ebsco databases, you will see that the 773 $t subfield is mapped to the attributes 2033, 1033, 1016.

Try 1033 or 2033 and see if it works. Otherwise, contact the vendor or check their support documentation online.

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Thank you very much for your response. I tried re-setting the Use attributes as you suggested. The 773^t is included in these searches, but others are as well. What I was trying to do was to search only that field, to allow for a more precise search.

I don’t know enough about Z39.50 to know how Use attributes are mapped, but a Google search for “bib-1 attributes” led me to, which indicates that 1033 is mapped to 773^t, with no other MARC tags indicated. The information on that page may be obsolete, but if it is not, there are probably errors in how our database is set up. I have an e-mail in to someone in our Systems office.

Thanks again for your help.