Using Reference Manager to access documents in proprietory applications

I am researching Reference Manager’s capabilities as an internal document (standard operating procedures) referencing tool. My requirement is for an application that can access a number of different proprietory document management systems (eg. SharePoint, Documentum), and aggregate/expose links to procedures in these systems. A user would, for example, search for procedures relating to a particular subject across a number of proprietory document management systems, create links to the procedures and aggregate them as a particular set within the referencing tool.

Could someone please advise if Reference Manager has this capability.




Though we implemented a solution on top of RefMan which synchronizes references from the RefMan database with a Documentum repository.

We had to develop a special component for this: a service which periodically retrieves new or modified references from RefMan, through the RefMan WebService (a component of the WebPublisher), and which synchronizes them with Documentum documents. At the same time, it creates special link URLs in the RefMan record, that make possible to retrieve or manage the document in Documentum.

The same technique would work with any other third party system, like SharePoint or any database, for example.

However this require skills in software development. We used Java as programming language, but any other language providing a WebService (SOAP) API is possible, which means approximately 100% of the existing programming languages.