Using Reference Manager to build a Library database

I am wondering if anyone has any experience or has any thoughts on building a database of a library with no intention of using the reference capabilities of the program.

This is what I am considering for our small, private library at my church.

Have you looked at LibraryThing?  It’s easy, free (up to 250 books), and web-based.  You can keep your library private, meaning only certain people can see it, or you can make it public.  You can create your own tags, write reviews and attach cover images.  I am a big fan of it for my personal library.  A lifetime membership is only about $25 and allows you to create an unlimited number of entries. 

Thanks for your idea. I use Library Thing for my personal library, which contains mostly medievil entries. But what I want to do with Reference Manager is acutally build a database, and cull the LOC call numbers so we can spine the back of the books, and then use the search functionality.