Using Reference Manager with Outlook 2007

The toolbar for Word 2007 has set up OK, but there is no toolbar equivalent showing when I create a message in Outlook 2007 (my colleagues see on in 2003 though). What can I do to fix this?



Greetings Ian,

Reference Manager was not designed to be used in Microsoft Outlook.  However, in Outlook 2003, it is possible to use Word 2003 as the default email editor.  If Reference Manager is loading in Word 2003 for your colleagues, and Word 2003 is set to be the default email editor within their Outlook 2003, they would see the Reference Manager toolbar when editing emails.  Even though Outlook 2007 uses Word 2007 as the default email editor, the version of Word that Outlook 2007 loads to edit emails does not load any add-ins that are set to load within Word 2007 itself.

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Hi, Jimmy or Technical Support Team,

Following this conversation, can you please give me the ‘dummy’ version again?  Is there no way to send a citation from RM into an email message?  This is a useful component that works with those of us on 2003.  If it has never been the intention of RM to allow this, is this a possibility for future versions?

Thanks for your reply.