Version Endnote 9.0.0 (?) and Web sync

Hello all, 

What is this version Endnote 9.0.0? My institution installed it on my computer but I cannot find any information on this version at all online. 

And i cannot find the way to do any Sync with Endnote Web??? 


Since Endnote X7 (or 17) is the current version, Endnote 9 way precedes any Web sync capabilities. Perhaps they grabbed the wrong disc?  There is a “free” endnote online version though, with more limited options and no interface with the desktop version you appear to have installed, if you do indeed have Endnote 9 installed, there is limited support for a version that old.  Note there was a bug as well in EN 9 that may not properly import the year after 2009.  

EndNote 9

EndNote 2010 Plug-in for  Mac and Windows includes instructions and updated content files to allow importing year information after 2009. 
EndNote 9.0.1 Updater for Windows includes a number of enhancements and fixes for EndNote 9.0 for Windows. There are no updates for EndNote 9.0 for Macintosh at this time.