web interface to solicit papers and provide citations?

I’m helping to organize a conference whereby we’ll be soliciting papers and abstracts in advance. We’d like to have the presenters enter the title, author(s), abstract, etc., of their paper via a web interface — and then, we’d like to be able to make that information available to attendees whereby they could download the information (either all papers or just ones they select) into a file which they would then import to their citation management software, similar to what can be done in ERIC (and in many other databases, I’m sure).

I’m rather new at this, and I’m guessing that this is already done somewhere. Can anybody point me to a resource whereby we could build a website like this (or pay for one if need be)? I’m a new member here, so I’d appreciate it if someone could kindly point me in the right direction if this question has already been asked. Thanks!

You’re asking a very broad question which seems to be outside the scope of EndNote’s capability as a bibliographic software package. There are, however, various software packages specifically designed for conferences which may or may not include a variety of features depending upon the cost. 

If you are affiliated with various professional organizations which host their own conferences, you could check with them as to what software they’re using (or Google “conference software”). If you’re affiliated with an organization/university that has an IT office (or other programs/depts/colleges that may have prior expertise and resources for handling conferences), they may be able to assist in designing and hosting a website on the organization’s server to receive the paper submissions and route email - but that will call for web and scripting abilities along with tangential issues.

Perfect… thanks so much for the reply!

Hi Mark,

You might want to investigate ScholarOne’s Abstracts - http://scholarone.com/products/abstract/. It’s another product from Thomson Reuters which produces EndNote.

  • Mathilda, the EndNote team

Thank you, Mathilda! This looks very interesting.