Web Publisher within RefMan12

I would like to contact anybody who has experienced problems (namely: impossibility) in running RefMan Web Publisher 12 on a Windows XP SP3 machine. Mine is also Italian localized.

I can’t manage to have it ‘enabled’ and running, the application gest ‘hung’ and not working. No better success in installing it as a Windows service. I do not see the Apache instances running either.

My attempts to have the problem solved with ISIRes tech support have completely failed so far.


Francesco Dell’Orso

Università di Perugia


Same here, no idea how to get the WP running.


Martin de la Iglesia

I set up everything as service describel on Manual. 

But when acessing it internet a message :

Reference Manager Web Services authorization denied for ip …

I apreciate any help. 


Well, interesting this is two years later and the same problem exists (for RefMan 12)

I have the Windows service (RMWPService) running, I can view the published database within the local environment, using the local IP address.

When I re-direct the external IP address, have the same error - Reference Manager Web Services authorization denied for ip 2xx.3x.xx.xx.

Interestingly it must be ‘seeing’ the refman files - because if I change the text in the set up fields, this is reflected on the published site (but still no access to the data using the external IP)…

A second interesting point to note: when I publish with just web publishing, my custom logo is visible, when I publish with the web publisher service, the logo (internal and external IPs) defaults to the Reference Manager logo…

CAN anyone help with these issues at all…still waiting for a call back from our UK technical help

Kind regards

Dave Andrews

Hi There - can you tell us how you repoint to the external IP in reference manager?? Thanks!!