When authors are listed with the word 'with'

I hope someone can help. APA 5th edition states that articles/books authored by a primary author with  someone else should take the following format:

Jones, E. (with Smith, D). (2005).

Does anyone know how to achieve this format in Endnote?

Thanks in advance.


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As Cited in the text or in the Bibliography (or somehow both)? 

Are you going to enter the two as different fields in the endnote library? 

What kind of reference type is it (a book, a journal article, a book chapter)? 

What version of Endnote are you using? 

In EndNote X4 using APA 5th style, if I put the authors in as:

Jones, E. (with Smith, D.)

i.e. with two commas after the first family name, I get

  • (Jones, 2005) as the in-text citation, and
  • Jones, E. (with Smith, D.) (2005). beginning the reference in the reference list.

I don’t have an APA publication manual at hand, but I think that is what is required?

Note that whatever comes after the double commas is precisely what EndNote will show in the reference; it will not “translate” forenames into initials for example.



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