When becomes Endnote X7 more touch friendly?

Dear Team,

While I’m using Endnote mostly with keyboard and mouse, it would be very helpful, if it would have a more touch friendly mode (like the new Acrobat DC Pro), so we can read and manage PDFs on a tablet (Surface Pro 3)?

The buttons are very small and narrow (don’t scale properly) and it was not possible for me to open an attached PDF from the reference tab - also not with the Surface Pen - it just reacts to a right click with the mouse - but not long hold with finger or pen…

Would appreciate your feedback and solution

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Any feedback please?

kind regards


great to here someone else requesting the same thing.

I was hoping they would make a Metro version for use on the Surface RT and Surface 2 (ARM).

I now also have a Surface Pro 3 which I use full time.

I would love to have a more touch friendly application.

I think this should be a top priority for them.

Endnote is indeed almost not usable in Tablet mode with Win10. In my opinion adding new features to allow Endnote to be more usable with a touch screen should be a priority for future developements. It may be implemented in a new light UWP application used for reading and anotating PDFs.

No news? An Android app is under developement. An iOS app is there for a while. Many PC have a touch screen and it would make sens to be able to use endnote with a PC in tablet mode.

is x8 any more touch friendly on a Windows Surface Pro 3 / 4 than x7?

Nope, it’s still really poor. As can be seen by the solid ignoring of threads like this, don’t expect it to get any better, despite 2-1s being a massively-growing market segment.

Just to be clear, Endnote X7 will never get any more touch friendly as it is no longer being developed.

It is unlikely that Endnote will get more touch friendly in the immediate future, the last couple of releases have focussed on improving collaborative features, I think adding touch support will be a low priority since most people still write papers with a keyboard and mouse.

A year later,  so does anyone know if Endnote X8 is now  better on a surface pro?  many of our labs are moving to these tablets and as Endnote support, I wonder if I am going to be confronted with issues such as those raised in this thread? 

Again 2 years later and I am still stuck in EndNote X8 in Tablet Mode because I cannot find a way to right-click. I use the tablet mode to read PDFs, annotate them and take notes at the same time. But if I accidentally make a highlight and want to delete it by right-clicking and selecting “delete annotation” I am stuck, because a long hold on the tablet won’t function as a right click.

Does anybody know if X9 finally supports tablet mode in Windows 10?

Unfortunately, there is no improvement with X9. It is barely not possible to use endnote with a PC in tablet mode. The first column does not respond at all in touch mode and we need to use the Scrollbar which is not convenient at all. To make more complex tasks making a long click do not bring the context menu.