When two citations together, one parentheses missing

When I cited two references consecutivly,one parentheses is missing.

For example, it just shows  “Bauwens(2009;Hautsch(2012)”, and it should be “Bauwens(2009);Hautsch(2012)”.

and the citation template is like this in the attachment picture, I think it is right.

Can any one tell me what’s wrong?

The way the Author (Year)  option should work, is to enter a ref, then edit citation to use subsequent Author (year) settings in your attached image.  However, you can’t do that with two refs.  You could enter one, change it,  include a space and enter the second one (and edit citation) to get what you are showing. 

However, I have never seen one use the Author (Year) in the manner you are showing, when one uses grouped references?

And, you shouldn’t have changed the first option to be Author (year) - as it doesn’t work that way, as you illustrated. 

Thanks, because I am used to the latex automatic mechnaism, so I though Word could do it smart. 

I will insert one reference, insert a semicolon, and then insert another reference.