White Box appears while working with Word 2008 on a Mac and CWYW EndNote X3

Hi, I’ve a problem while working with Word 2008 and Endnote X3 CWYW. It happens that when I minimize the Word’s window I’m working on or I uses spaces or I open an excel document at the same time (I haven’t really being able to identify exactly what’s the cause) a white box on the upper left corner of the screen appears. If I quit MS Word the box just disappears.

It’s very annoying though it doesn’t prevent me of working. Anyone knows how to fix it?

Almost a week and no answers… is that no one has experience this problem or that no one has a solution for it? 

I wrote this same message on the Office official forum and they told me it was a problem of EndNote so I guess someone had had suffer this issue…

You’re not alone.  It is happening to me as well. Started about 1 month ago.

Thanks Sue! Trying to look for some possible cause I think it could be related to recovering my files from Time Machine, does it happen you had to recover your hard disk through Time Machine too?