Whom to reference?

While referring a journal paper, I found some important content that I would want to include in my article. But incidentally, this content is referenced by the author to another article. I haven’t been able to get my hands on the original article. I am using EndNote X5 and ‘Harvard at Newcastle’ style for referencing.

My query is, when I include this content in my document, should I make a reference to the original article, or the journal paper in which I found the content? Which source should be mentioned in the citation?

this is always a tricky situation. 

In 1882, George and colleagues (as reviewed in Frank, et al 1992) demonstated… and go with the article you actually read.  In essense you are referencing your source but acknowleging that you didn’t read the original source. 

Or you can cite them both (George et al, 1882 as reviewed in Frank, et al, 1992) although the text of everything up to Frank et al, 1992 may have to be entered into the prefix of the Frank citation manually if the two are ordered based for on, for this example, on Author name.  this would cause the as reviewed in Frank part to preceed the George ref.  (note to developers - an on the fly edit to keep this set of citations as “as entered”).  I am not sure how citations are ordered in “Harvard at Newcastle”.  Then you hide both author and year for the : manually prefixed" citation. 

Hi Leanne!

I will be using the first method that you suggested, as it seems to be simpler.

I got to know that this procedure is referred to as “Secondary Referencing”.

Thanks for your help!