Why is my in text referencing dodgy? It looks like this: {Freud, 1962 #3}

Hi everyone,

I am writing a book review and when im in end note and i hit alt&2 what comes up in word is some dodgy reference that looks like this: {Freud, 1962 #3}  clearly that is not what I want… i want (Freud, 1962). On top of that it is not creating the reference list at the end of the page like it normally does, what have i done wrong? Have i hit some wrong button and accidently changed a setting? Hoping someone can help me out today so I can hand this in asap.

Thank you kindly

You have the Cite While You Write function turned off so your references aren’t formatting.

To turn it on, go to your Endnote toolbar in Word and click on the small arrow on the right of Bibliography. Then click on the Instant Formatting tab and click ‘Turn On’ and OK.

That should do the trick.