Will work (Rollins 2009). As Rollins (2009) said ...

Would be great to have another tickbox in the Edit Citation, to convert a standard APA of (Rollins 2009) to Rollins (2009) 

Rather than have to use the manual workaround of  http://community.thomsonreuters.com/ts/board/message?board.id=enw-howto&message.id=37&query.id=298576#M37

Longer feature specification copied here:

I want to be able to use the following structures:

… in reference to the whatever model model (Jones 1998) which Smith (2001) believes is superior.

How can I do this? If I change it manually it changes it back.

I guess a workaround is to chosse to delete the author, then re-type it not as part of the citation. But isn’t there a better way?


Currently, manual editing is the solution. I think this is the feature we want in the “Edit citation” menu.

See this X4 wish list   thread again.

Ability to place author(s) in front of in-text citation.

We often want to start a sentence with author and citation, like Smith et al. (1) investigated that …blah blah blha.

We can “exclude” author from “Edit Citations” right click menu, but if we have “Place author in front” option, then we do not need to type ourselves. I think this is a relatively easy fefature EN can add.