Word 2003 RefMan11 -Reference Manager keeps popping up in a particular document

Word 2003 RefMan11 -Reference Manager keeps popping up in a particular document.

Every time I open a particular document (that I have already referenced AND removed the field codes from) in Word 2003 a box opens up that says Open Reference Manager Database. I have double checked my CWYW preferences in Ref Man and Word and neither have Open Reference Manager when starting Word checked. So why it continually pops up is beyond me.

I am trying to figure this out (Google, ref man manual) but so far I haven’t been able to. I have unlinked all the references. It does not do this with any other documents (so far). What should I do?

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Greetings Angela,

It sounds like Reference Manager’s Instant Formatting feature is attempting to format this document.  To turn off Instant Formatting-

1.  Open your Word document.

2.  Save a backup copy of your document.

3.  In Word, click on “Tools>Reference Manager 11>Instant Formatting”.

4.  On the Instant Formatting window, uncheck the “Enable Instant Formatting for this document” setting.

5.  Click “OK”.

6.  Close your Word document.

7.  Open your document again to see if Reference Manager asks you to open a database.

Please let me know if this helps.  If you have any other questions, feel free to get in touch with us again.

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