Word 2007 Error cwyw.dotm read-only

WinXP SP2 using Word 2007 SP1, Endnote X2.  Starting word receive an ‘Endnote cwyw.dotm is read-only’ error.  Checked ACL and user has read/write inherited to file.  File is not flagged as read only.  Active Directory domain with folder redirects and roaming profiles.  Anyone else see this??  Solution?? 

Did you find a solution to this? I am having the same problem - Word 2007 + app data, desktop and my documents profile redirection.

Did anyone have a solution or know where I can find a solution?  I have the same problem and need to have it fixed!

I do EndNote installations for a few staff members and here’s how I solved this one:

  1. Close Word. 

  2. in the redirected user\AppData\Roaming\EndNote folder move (cut, not copy, and paste) .dotm files to the redirected users\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Word\STARTUP folder

  3. in c:\Program Files\Common Files\ResearchSoft\Cwyw delete (or move to a temp folder if you’re worried) all .dotm files in that directory… it’ll keep them from getting copied to the AppData\Roaming\EndNote folder that Word doesn’t seem to like.

  4.  restart Word and see if the problem persists. If so, make sure you actually removed those .dotm files from the redirected EndNote AppData folder during the move to the Word\STARTUP folder.

I don’t know if I’ve limited some other functionality with this, but so far the error hasn’t returned and users haven’t complained *yet* about any trouble, but I still have a few more to upgrade to X2, so who knows. :) 

Not only Endnote has problems with folder redirection. We face a similar problem with Adobe Reader/Acrobat 9…

The only workaround for Endnote was to reverse folder redirection for APPDATA and hope for a patch. 

Dear Leon, could You a little bit more describe the work-around since the message that the Endnote-Cwyw.dot is write protected is just annoying.


Dear Guenter

Did you ever get this problem sorted? I’ve just installed X2 and have the same problem, so would really appreciate hearing of any work around or fix.


We had exactly this problem with EndNote X2 (and EndNote X1.0.1) - “This file is read-only. (EndNote Cwyw.dotm)” whenever Application Data was directed to a network location. Couldn’t find any way around it (apart from having Application Data on the local disk).

For us, the solution was EndNote X3.