Word 2007 error when using CWYW

I have been using CWYW with Word 2007/Vista without any problems until yesterday when I was trying to insert a citation and Word froze with an error message: “An outgoing call cannot be made since the application is dispatching an incoming-synchronous call”. I had to close Word using the Task Manager. Then when I reopened it, the Endnote tab was missing. I re-enabled it from the disabled add-ins, and it came back. I was able to insert two more references, but then I got the same error. Can someone help fix this?

I have no advice, but I have been having this same issue and would love to hear if you came up with a solution.

since that was happening, I realized that it didn’t happen if I just inserted the reference while on the endnote screen (As opposed to from the word screen) and everything was going smoothly until just last week, when it mysteriosly stopped inserting references when I clicked to do so from the endnote screen (it didn’t freeze anything or give an error message, it just switched over the word as if it had inserted the ref but the ref never showed up. So then I went back to inserting the ref from the word screen and now that has been working just fine. Hope this helps!

This appears from the forums to be a rare error, and I suggest that you contact Tech support, as a good resolution doesn’t appear to have been available to other users with the issue.  See here.  Maybe they figured out a better solution in Jan and April 2009?