Word error "The requested member of the collection does not exist"

Good morning

I am using Word 2013 and Endnote X7.3.1

In word I can add and update the citations but I cant get a reference list at the end of the document. I keep getting this error “The requested member of the collection does not exist”.

The references that were previously in the list have also disappeared.

I have tried to convert any word citations to endnote. I have deleted all the comments and saved it free of any track changes and I have also tried on another machine and connecting to another library and copying the content to another word doc (a trick that usually works), I have also turned off the instant formatting and I have run out of ideas.

The document appears in the Endnote library with all the references so it seems to be linking properly.

  The document is 6000 words so I’d rather not have to start again.

I am grateful for any help

Thank you

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update Endnote to X7.7.1?