Workflow importing files and assigning them to group

When I import pdf files to Endnote, I have a few suggestions for improvements:

  • I usually name my files in the following way: “year author - title”. It would be great, if it would be possible to tell Endnote how to decode a file name so that the information is already assigned to the fields in Endnote.

  • When I have imported the files I see them in the pre-installed smart group “Imported references”. This is nice. However, as soon as I import just one additional reference, the previously imported references are not visible anymore in this group. Please program at least a smart group so that the previously imported documents can be easily listed, e.g. according to the date at which they are added to Endnote.

  • When I have the list with imported references, my next step is to assign the references to one or multiple of the groups I have created. This step of my workflow is probably the most annoying. The problem appears, if I have a newly imported reference that does not fit any of my groups, wherefore I have to create a new group. Then, - now it becomes difficult to explain - the cursor jumps to the newly created group. I then have to scroll up again and chose the smart group “imported references” again. Please make this process simpler.