working with master documents and ENDNOTE X2

Can anyone advise me? I amworking in word 2007 and ENDNOTE X2 - and have merged the first five chapters of my thesis as a draft. Managed to merge the references successfully as well. Now I need to work on this draft - but am reluctant to work on the individual chapters and then have to merge again - as it takes time and have to check the refs. Is it possible to reformat the merged chapters into one document which then becomes a document without the subdocuments embedded - and then later to add chapters as they are finished?

Or do I continue to merge the updated chapters - and hope that everything comes together in the end? Would appreciate any advice.


New version X3 would have section/chapter bibliography formatting.

This feature is big for thesis/book/collaborative document writers, but TR doesn’t advatise for some reasons.

If you could afford, worth trying.