Wrong numeration of Endnote-citations in Word 2007-Canvas


I put a table into a text field, and this text field is imbedded in a canvas, so that I can control the layout of the table through the canvas options – like I do it with graphics in Word 2007.

The table contains citations (Endnote X3), but their numeration starts with 1, although my document contains other citations before this canvas (and before its anchor in the text). Normally, the numeration should be continuous and not in the wrong order.

When I did not have the table inside the canvas yet, but inside the text, the numeration was still ok. But then I could not use the canvas/graphics- layout options in order to position the table at the top or bottom of the page and make the text float around the table (which is so difficult in Word compared to LaTeX).

By the way: When I inserted a table before that canvas, then the table-numeration (which is also imbedded in the canvas) was adjusting alright. Thus, its propably a pure Endnote-citation-numeration-problem.

Does anyone have any hints or helpful advice?