X3 crashing when saving PubMed filter

EndNote X3, Word 2007, Windows XP.

I want to edit my PubMed import filter. I go in to Filter Manager (or just open the .enf file from my local drive), make the edits, then go to close out of it and save. That’s the point where EN crashes. “EndNote has experienced an unexpected error and needs to close.” I hit OK and the changes were not saved. If I try to save the file without closing out of it, I get the endless “PubMed (NLM) Copy Copy Copy” loop. 

I have been able to save a copy of that .enf file on another machine, but when I sent it to myself, it wouldn’t save. I am even able to save edits to other filters. I pulled a new .enf file from the website and amended that (still crashed). My last effort was to create a whole new filter from scratch and save that. That also crashed the program.

Does anyone have any idea why this is happening?



Please check your folder locations in EndNote–

Select Edit/Preferences/File Locations–Then “reset to default”

  this will reset the file location to a “My Documents/EndNote/” folder

Now open the PubMed Filter

Make the required changes

Select “File/Save As”

–At this point you can either save the file with the word "copy: behind it or remove the word Copy.

Click Save and see if it saves the filter correctly without crashing.

Cheryl–The EndNote Team

Hi Cheryl,

I tried it; still crashing.


Sounds to me like you need to check the preferences for the folder to ensure it isn’t in a non-writable folder.  That is usually what the copy copy loop is caused by.  Don’t have it point to the Program folders Endnote folder, put it in MyDocuments or some other user accessible drive. 

The copy copy loop was when I had the folder on my C drive. Moved it to My Docs, and no copy copy loop, but the program is still crashing when I try to save that filter.

Does this happen with every filter or just the Pubmed filter, and is this the filter that you downloaded from the website? 

Please open Windows Explorer

Browse to the location where the original filter is located.

Right click and select “properties”

See if the “read-only” tag is on–if it is unclick it

Close properties and try to edit/save the filter again.


Cheryl-the EndNote team

Can you tell me what you are editing in the filter before you try to save it?

Cheryl–the EndNote team

I am switching the fields for the JT and TI tags. I want the abbreviated journal name to go into the Journal field.

I did download it from the site, and it was not read-only.