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I am writing in Entrepreneurship / Business. This request below is essential for me as well, especially for the passages in which I want to emphasise the authors.

I am using OpenOffice on a Mac and Cite As You Write is not supported. It would be good to have this function also supported for RTF scan. I have tried to alter the output style by cutting the brackets and then insert the brackets manually in the text. Eg {Yin, #23}'s ({, 2009 #23}) idea of replication logic…

But then EndNote puts a comma after the name of the author(s)…

@myoshigi wrote:

Ability to place author(s) in front of in-text citation.


We often want to start a sentence with author and citation, like Smith et al. (1) investigated that …blah blah blha.

We can “exclude” author from “Edit Citations” right click menu, but if we have “Place author in front” option, then we do not need to type ourselves. I think this is a relatively easy fefature EN can add.

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Unfortunately it isn’t that easy. For example, the APA manual specifies that if a reference has four authors, you either cite it as:

Bradley et al. (2006)…


… (Bradley, Ramirez, Soo, & Walsh, 2006) …

In other words, the format of the author names depends on whether you are citing the authors in the text of the paper or within a parenthetical citation. 

I agree that it isn’t easy, with it’s current temporary citation scheme. When we look at the unformatted text, we find EN simply uses {, year record#} to format the in-text citation without author. Writers then need to manual type in the author before the citation, which is not bad at all to me (imagine how many seconds are necessary to do that).

But if Endnote wants to address all the users’ & publishers’ complicated requests, the author(s) ahead of the in-text citation need to be formatted by Endnote’s output style. It probably requires full logics (number of authors, separators, et al. yes or no) that are used to format authors for the in-text citation.

After all thoughts, enhancement to the “Edit citation” command could be:

Ability to format in-text citation such as :

Kruger et al. (2007) hypothesized that …


Kruger et al. hypothesized that …

The underlined parts should be “greyed” when I click them, meaning they are dictated by field codes of output style and Edit citation command.

Well…I’m writing this, against my personal preference of not using this type of in-text citation, but it’s kind of fun to think about future versions of Endnote.

In the Preferences for Fnding Full Text, add a checkbox for authenticate with URL.  (like the four check boxes on this page) When I am on campus I don’t want to use our proxy server  URL.   I would like to click the text box when I am off campus and want to use the proxy URL to find full texts.

5 Staring feature please !

It is “invaluable valuation” feature :slight_smile:

I don’t know why Endnote’s developers don’t want to add it to Endnote ? It is simple, easy and handy ! So why not ?

2 more brainstorms !! 

  • I’m also wondering why there are always 2 one folder (Data) and endnote file when saving copy of current library !

Isn’t it possible to merge them in one file? Thus, when backup needed, save a copy will output only one file ! Practical question !

  • Why not to be able to connect to Pubmed and pick up only abstracts for the references that already exist in the current library but without abstract ?

For example if I have in my library 10 references but without abstract, it would be timesaver to select them all (or individually) and ask Endnote to pick up their corresponding abstracts in pubmed, if available anyway !  


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  1. I want a shortcut (such as F3) to open the attachment file.

  2. Ability to directly edit the fields which have been shown in the reference list , not having to open the “Edit references” Dialog.

  3. When I search with “Match words” option, I find that when the word is only one letter, it doesn’t work well.

For example, when I search “W” with “Match words” option, then references with “Water” will be found.

(When I search “Au”, it works well, and reference with “Augest” doesn’t appear in the find results.)  I hope this could be fixed in the X4.


I strongly agree with the second suggestion.

I think the menu “Find the Abstract”  can be added just below the menu “Find Full text”.

I had mentioned this previously (don’t remember if it was before X3 launch), but I have 2 features (and a support request) that would really help me out.

Request) Citrix support, my IT group will not let me use on Citrix server without some support for it. That leads to tool admin for any large number of users to be very difficult

Features desired 

  1. Ability to have subject bibliography grouped on custom groups. This would be very helpful to me

  2. Custom groups in tree structure. I have too many desired groups it is detrimental to usability once you get more than 15-20 groups for the occasional user. 

  3. I agree with other users about duplicate interface. Copying from one dup to the other would make it much more useful 

I have only two wishes:

  1. The ability to create sub-groups within a group.  For example, in Network Security class, I may have several groups.  It would be nice to consolidate them thus reducing the amount of groups shown.
  2. The ability to display the directory(s) in which a reference is located following a search.  I sometimes have references located in multiple directories and I would like to know those locations.

Hi there,

Can I have small (maybe silly) wish? This is namely color of the actual record, it is almost invisible on my LCD screen. (My screen is rather normal all other things are visible :wink: ).

How to reproduce:

  • click on a record. It becomes clearly highlighted (blue color).

  • now click, say, somewhere in its preview screen. The same record is still active, but now its is marked with

  difficult to see grey color.

Of course, maybe I missed something and it can be changed somewhere in the preference settings?

Regards, Kris

When I am browsing through a list of references in the Reference List pane, and find a reference I want to delete, I’ll select it and delete it-- and then the view of the Reference List jumps back up to the top of the list. It can be time-consuming and frustrating to find where I was in a long list, in order to resume my browsing. In X4, please have a reference that is deleted just disappear from the list, without changing the portion of the list that is in the pane before the deletion occurred.

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Are you seeing this issue with EndNote version X3? This should already be fixed in X3.

Jason Rollins, the Endnote team

No, its in X2.0.4, at this point I haven’t seen enough enhancements in X3 for my EndNote use to get me to upgrade… maybe now I do, though.

Please do not make any further “enhancements.” Just do what Microsoft and Apple did and fix all of the existing problems and glitches!

I would love to see an enhanced search function.

the researchers at our institution would like to be able to search for a string of reference numbers and put them in a specific group. e.g. i would like to be able to grab reference numbers: 5,12,70,87,212,350 etc and put them in a group. Currently you can only do this if you go in and manually drag/drop these references or use the search function. The search function lets you choose up to 7 fields to search in and set all the 7 fields as reference number then enter one number in each search box and search with OR.

Our organization works on large systematic reviews which involves screening lots and lots of articles. its easiest for the screeners to keep track of the articles by reference #. So, when we get to a certain stage its nice to group all the articles together that have made it through the inclusion/exclusion criteria for example.

Thanks for yo

Entering notes to the library references.  For example, I might have included reference entry for a good reason, but forgot why. The way I awoid this now is to add stickers to the attached pdf article. However, this reqires me to enter the pdf witch is cumberson as I need to open the article, and manually open the sticker. Often, I don’t even have the article/pdf attached. The rating solution does not solve this problem as I can’t remember why I gave the article, say three stars. An eloquent solution would be to possibility to enter a note in the library (Like the rating solution), and that the text poped up when howering the mouse over it.