X5 causes Adobe Reader to crash

I run EndNote X5 on my computer, which has Windows 7, Internet Explorer as web browser, Office 2010 and Adobe Reader XI.

I’ve had repeated problems opening PDF documents on the web - it says Adobe Reader is not responding and the web browser window freezes.

An IT person claims this problem is caused by EndNote X5, and that nothing can be done about it (other than uninstalling EndNote or not opening PDF documents on the web). Can anyone verify this?

Hello There,

I currently have several versions of EndNote (including version X5) on Windows 7 and also have Adobe Reader X1 (version 11.0.5) installed. There are no specific conflicts related to EndNote that would cause problems for opening PDF documents on the Web. As long as the document you are opening is not in your EndNote library, there would be no communication between the applications. If you are just clicking on a link to a PDF file that exists online and it is freezing your browser, there may be an issue with that browser plug-in. You may want to try repairing the installation of Adobe Reader 11 and/or contacting Adobe support.

Thanks Jason.