X6.02 does not append pdf on mac


Before upgrding to 6.02, I had not problem to attach a pdf to a citation.  With 6.02, I click on Append Pdf then I choose the pdf to be attached and click on open but nothing happens.  As a result there is not reference atached to the citation.

What am I doing wrong?

many thanks


Have you used the online search to import the reference in question? I had a user that recently updated to X6 and X6.02. and things didn’t work normal. It turned out that the library was in the “Online search mode” (termporary mode) and this was the reason why it wasn’t possible to insert the reference into a document and use it normally. When we changed the library to the “Integrated library and search mode” things worked normal. She dan’t chosen the temporary mode herself, this just happened after the update.

This is probably a wild shot, but check the library mode just in case.

Best wishes

Jan Ove