X8 Re-opens PDF on every Sync Refresh

Upon updating to X8 and activating online sync, I noticed a very annoying behavior:

Every time the sync completes, EndNote closes the currently selected PDF in the right panel and re-opens the main PDF for currently selected citation.

This is very annoying when while working with a PDF: If I am working on a secondary attached PDF, it will just be closed while I am reading. And even if I am working on the main attached resource, it will jump to the beginning of the document every couple of minutes, which is very disruptive when working for longer durations on a more complicated citation.

Is there any way to disable this behavior without straight out turning off sync again?



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Another user reported a PDF “freezing” problemwith X8 which may or may not have any relationship to your problem but since the commonality involved PDFs suggest you bypass the forum and contact tech support:

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+1-800-336-4474, press 4

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I second that concern. Thanks for bringing it up so clearly.