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Convert HTML Tags sample plug-in

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Attached are compiled sample EndNote plug-ins for Windows and Macintosh for converting HTML tags. 


These plug-ins convert html style font setting codes in the references displayed to the appropriate font settings, i.e. text surrounded by <b></b> will become bolded.


Before installing these plug-ins, refer to the instructions and disclaimers here:




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Re: Convert HTML Tags sample plug-in

GREAT plugin for microbiologists!


Can be used to italicize bacterial and gene names globally in databases using <i> and </i> ....



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Re: Convert HTML Tags sample plug-in

I have installed this plug in and it is in my tools menu but it does nothing when I click on it - since ther eare no instructions on how to use it what do I do? Do I need to select specific references titles or text such as the abstract before using it?

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Re: Convert HTML Tags sample plug-in

JasonR - or anyone out there with the ability to do so - PLEASE consider upgrading/modifying this plugin as described below!!


- as noted in one of the comments here, this is a great step forward for microbiologists especially as almost EVERY reference we import has italicized species names in the title. HOWEVER it does need work to be useful - I have tried contacting tech support on this issue and they basically said you're SOL - while still agreeing that it needs to be addressed!


For whatever reason, I know not, most publishers are "encoding" their italics using verbose HTML - I can't find any standard for this - but instead of <i>text</i> that IS recognized by the plugin, they are using <italic>text</italic> which is NOT - so the plugin is not very useful as is. Support suggests manipulating the ris file before import - which sort of defeats the purpose of importing from databases, or search and replace <italic> with <i>.


I believe that this sort of thing is ESSENTIAL for Endnote to do AUTOMATICALLY on import - or at least to have an option to turn on.


They say this plugin CANNOT be modified, which I take to mean they WILL NOT try - of course it can be modified - its only code - which I'm sorry to say is currently beyond me as a biologist, I rely on computer guys to do this!


There is very little no description as to how the plugin works or what it works on - I tried modifying some test references to change to <i> etc and it worked on the title but didnt seem to work on the abstract fields that were full of formatting.


Could we have a post that describes in some way what and where the plugin looks for - by trial and error I found it to recognize <b> for bold, <i> for italics, <sup> for superscript and <sub> for subscript, but as mentioned above I REALLY need it to recognize <italic> and <bold>!!


LASTLY, what on earth is the point of  publishers first using non-standard html tags, and second Endnote not considering this an ESSENTIAL requirement for reference management software?

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Re: Convert HTML Tags sample plug-in

I want to learn HTML her how I really want to learn to know HTML