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Re: EndNote 20 on macOS

Contemporary UI interfaces, not just EndNote 20, has this horrible trend of enlarging everything and creating lots of empty spaces. This makes sense if the UI is intended to be a touch interface, but for one in which we navigate by mouse/trackpad, this is terribly wasteful. The irony is that today we have much larger monitors than 20 years ago, but because of the inefficient use of space, our displays contain just about as much information as they did in the past. 


EndNote UI, as well as other programs, should aim to display information density with clarity and ease of use.

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Re: EndNote 20 on macOS

This is a real trend and there is a talk (Delphi related) discussing it:


Best advice: Skip EndNote 20 if you have X9. It will only disappoint on Windows and macOS.

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Re: EndNote 20 on macOS

I agree. Endnote 20 has nothing like the capabilities of Endnote 9. It is a horrible interface, functionalities have disappeared.  Do no buy it. I am asking for a refund.



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Re: EndNote 20 on macOS

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Is there a good description how to downgrade from EndNote 20 to EndNote X9.3.3 on macOS Big Sur (11.2.3)? If yes, PLEASE post the URL!


I have just updated to EN 20.0.1, but although there is progress, MOST of the serious issues in working with it are unresolved.