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EndNote Citation Range Numbers

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I've spent the last five hours trying to figure this out with no luck.


I'm writing a book with over 1,000 references. When I cite a reference in my text, I've been adding an endnote in Microsoft Word via the References tab and Insert Endnote selection.


Microsoft Word assigns the endnote a sequential number. and inserts the number into the text of my book. I format the citation number Microsoft Word inserts into the text of my book as superscript. That is exactly what I want. 


When I create the endnote via Word, a new entry  with the corresponding endnote number is created in the endnotes section of my book. When I create the endnote, Word takes me right to the now blank endnote entry in the endnotes section. I then insert the citation from EndNote X9 into the endnotes section of my book. Now the endnote in the text is linked to the endnote citation in the endnotes section.


The problem, however, is that in several locations throughout the book, I have multiple citations - often three or more citations for the same sentence. In the case of multiple in-text endnotes, I have been inserting a superscript comma (",") between the endnote citation numbers in the text. That works fine for two endnotes in one place. But when there are three or more endnote citation numbers in the same place, I end up with something like "10,11,12,13,14". That gets cluttery. I'd prefer to have "10-14". That's much cleaner.


But, for the life of me, I can't get EndNote to do this. It seems like EndNote X9 should automatically do this via the "Use ranges for consecutive citations" funtion. But it doesn't.


I've gone into the style editor in EndNote and attempted to fix the problem by making sure "Use ranges for consecutive citations" is checked.


I found something in the EndNote community forum that suggested the problem might be with "CitedPages" in the Citations Template within EndNote X9. I don't have CitedPages in my template (I'm currently using Chicago 17th, but I've tried four other styles - all with no luck). I've read through the EndNote 9 Windows manual. Nothing there seems to point me in the right direction.


All I want is to have my endnote citations in-document to be sequentially numbered. When there are three or more endnotes in one place in my document, I want them to display as a range. That's it. It doesn't seem like it should be this hard. But it is. There's probably something completely easy and obvious that I'm missing.  I'm using the latest version of Word available through Office365.


Please help!


Thanks in advance!



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Re: EndNote Citation Range Numbers

The "endnote" feature of Word does not have the ability to do a range but I found a workaround suggested on a few websites which has you hide the "endnote" then type a range into the document.


Please see



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Re: EndNote Citation Range Numbers

Thank you!


I should've mentioned that I did come across that technique yesterday while trying to figure this out. 


However, I thought there had to be a way to do this in EndNote since this seems like such an obvious feature that at least some people would want. 


Regardless, I really appreciate the info because that keeps me from continuing to try to waste time trying to figure out how to get EndNote to do something that I guess it simply can't do. I'll just use the workaround you referenced.


Thank you again!

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Re: EndNote Citation Range Numbers

As you have discovered, the problem is that footnoting is a MSWord feature, and not an Endnote feature.  Endnote can achieve this in normal in-text citations.  It is footnotes in Word that require the work-arounds.  (I don't know if other word processors can do this in their footnotes). 

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