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EndNote Web



If you just have EndNote Web, can you attach files or figures?


I make the question because someone else said me that i could, but the following message appears: Your subscription does not allow you to attach files or figures. Find out more about upgrading your subscription.



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Re: EndNote Web



If you have EndNote desktop version X5 and later, you can attach files and figures. Please note "EndNote Web (with EndNote Desktop)" here:


Once you obtain the X5 and later desktop software, you can upgrade your EndNote Web account in order to be able to attach files and figures.


Jason Berman
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Jason Berman
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EndNote Web: Coordinating with EndNote

Help!  Leann,  I need you!


I have a colleague who uses Endnote Web, so I agreed to join him in the pool on this project.  All the instructions said that I'd be able to transfer bibs back and forth from my Endnotes X1...... so I dove right in.


a) I'm registered, good to go, and I can see and use the shared file at the website.

b) Found the plug in, and downloaded that...again, no apparent problems.


but (you knew there'd be a but coming)


c) I try to insert a citation....nothing there.  Nice little window pops up, and I can search all I want, but nothing is in the list. It looks pretty much like a regular Endnotes library except that it's very, very empty. :-(


d) The very worst part....making my tummy that my link to Endnotes has disappeared.  How do I get them back, and is there no way that I can use both libraries?  If I have to choose, it will be my old library!!



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Re: EndNote Web: Coordinating with EndNote

If anyone is waiting me to weigh in, I don't really use Endnote Web... sorry (and I have been out of the lab). 


However you can switch the toolbars back and forth in word, and there are webinars and tutorials available on the youtube endnote training channel and training links on   Sorry, I thought I would dash this off before class, can add links later, if someone doesn't beat me to it.

(long time Endnote user)