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Endnote 20 Mac interface wastes space

See the screen shot comparison attached.

Endnote 20 main page shows references with too much space between each reference, resulting in half as many references visible as in earlier versions.

Also missing is the subtle alternate shading of each line which made scanning accross the lines easier. Seeing twice as many on the front interface is important for efficiency, so I am going back to Endnote 9 until this is fixed.

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Re: Endnote 20 Mac interface wastes space

Same for me. Have you a mac computer with Retina display ?


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Re: Endnote 20 Mac interface wastes space

[ Edited ]

Well, that's not specific to the Mac interface. It's the same in the Windows version.

About half of the information on the screen is now missing, or - to put it in other words - we now have to scroll twice as much.

I would call something like this a "waste of space by design". Sorry. Best see the difference for yourself (picture attached).

Who on earth comes up with something like that? Even if it all looks a bit better. It's a database.

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Re: Endnote 20 Mac interface wastes space

I just updated and also can't figure out a way to open a record full screen instead of the narrow sidebar. The latter is a major hassle for me, as I add detailed notes or excerpts to important references.

 No user preferences allowed? Clarivate knows best?  I am aghast.