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Endnote X9 duplicates page numbers in text



we have just noticed that Endnote X9 makes duplicates of the page numbers in Word, when shifting from formatted to unformatted and back. See example:



(Smith, 2012, pp. 75-9675-9696)


(Boesen et al., 2014, pp. 78-96, pp. 78-96, pp. 78-96, pp. 78-96)


Is that a known bug?



Best regards, Åsa Möller


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Re: Endnote X9 duplicates page numbers in text

[ Edited ]

We have the same problem University of Southern Denmark:


A reference like (Denison, 1990, p. 22) is when converting to unformatted citations equals to {Denison, 1990 #14@22}


However when I "Update citations & Bibliography" the page number is doubled: (Denison, 1990, p. 2222)


And switching back to "Unformatted citations" it is now {Denison, 1990 #14@2222}



I am using Endnote X9 & Word 2016.