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Endnote and Microsoft Teams, OneDrive and Sharepoint

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It has been a long year, and I am beginning to realize that Endnote as a bibliography tool is probably not going to survive, as it is not friendly with the document sharing tools we have come to rely on working from home, especially if using the web apps rather than the local desktop versions of Microsoft.  Has Endnote20 overcome this?  I am not talking about the storage of the library itself, which I understand as a multifolder, multi file database has issues with syncronization failures.  But the Word Processing of files in these syncronized locations where multi authors can be editing the file simulaneously or sequentiallly.


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Re: Endnote and Microsoft Teams, OneDrive and Sharepoint

I've never had it go smoothly when more than one author was working within the Endnote add-in. Thus for all multi-author papers written in a Sharepoint-OneDrive environment, a single author has been the designated bibliography manager, and other authors were asked to insert a comment near the citation asking for changes. A bit clunky.  But within that (major) contraint, I've never had a problem with multiple people being in the Word file.

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Re: Endnote and Microsoft Teams, OneDrive and Sharepoint

It could survive, but it won't. Clarivate seems to have intentionally let this wither on the vine. I honestly don't know why they bothered with such a half-baked attempt at EndNote seems like it was coded as part of a undergrad computer science term project.


Too bad, lots of great alternatives out like, like Zotero and Readcube. I left long ago, just come back here on occasion for nostalgia sake.