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Registered: ‎12-02-2016

Endnote indexing fail iPad pro

I have Endnote on my iPad pro (9.7, 2016) which is synced with my online/desktop library.

After the recent update that came (for the iPad) an indexing message appears on startup:


"EndNote is indexing your library for improved searching. This may take a few moments".


I have about 3300 references (most with attached PDFs), so this indexing process takes about two hours. However, when the process reaches about 90% the app closes (no error message). When I reopen the app the process starts over again and breaks down at about 90%. Extremly frustrating. I.e. I dont have access to the litterature through the app any more..


Is it possible to fix this without uninstalling the app?

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Re: Endnote indexing fail iPad pro

An additional update has been released for the iPad app. Please try to install the update.


If you do run into any issues contact Technical Support directly

1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1



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