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Flawed citation style

I am getting flawed citation style as {, 2016 #16} with all kind of citation styles.


Can someone help me here?

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Re: Flawed citation style

It sounds like the Instant Formatting feature is turned off in the document

To enable or disable Instant Formatting in the current document:

Please see the steps on our website:

Let us know if you have any questions or if this does not resolve the issue.

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Re: Flawed citation style

This is a temporay (unformatted) citation but where it wouldn't print the author (hide author option).  if you click update citations and bibliography it will format them, but without the author in a Author, year style. 


 You can get Endnote to still insert the author if you edit and  turn off the option to  the option to "Omit Author and/or Year from formatted citations if removed from temporary citation"  in the  "formatting" preferences in Endnote.  (edit>preferences)  


see attached image for the appearance of those settings dialogue.  

(long time Endnote user)