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Goodbye EndNote

I've been an EndNote user for longer than I can remember. I like many things about EndNote. The interface may be a little complicated but I have used it for so long that I now know it intimately. I really wanted EndNote to be my forever reference manager.


I have had issues over the years with bugs and slow performance. More than once, I considered abandoning EndNote. But instead, I paid for multiple updates hoping that with each new update that my issues would have been resolved.


I'm a Mac user.  The current macOS is Catalina. I was disappointed that I waited a long time for a Catalina-compatible version of EndNote to be released. And finally, when it came out, I found EndNote under Catalina to be unusably slow. It's not my hardware as I'm using a 2019 MacBook Pro 16" (the latest model) with 32 GB RAM and a 2.3 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i9 processor. This is at the very top end of the current MacBook range.


Tired of the constantly spinning color wheel in EndNote, that adversely affected my productivity, I decided to give Zotero a try. I've been using Zotero for three months now. It does not have such a pretty interface as EndNote but it is fast and has the same functionality as EndNote, at least for my context of use. It is also open-source and free!


I was able to import my EndNote libraries into Zotero complete with PDF attachments.


I can't justify hanging in with EndNote any longer, so it's goodbye EndNote from me. My heart is heavy but mainly because I just wish I had done it sooner because I would have saved a lot of time and money.

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Re: Goodbye EndNote

It is truly a well-researched excellent wording. I got so engaged in this info. I am impressed with your skill.  

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Re: Goodbye EndNote

hi I donbt know Zotero, I will try it too.


I am pretty sure bugs and slow performance will be solved soon with the Endnote's team.


Thanks for your feedback, it's interesting. 

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Re: Goodbye EndNote

does it Find Full Text as well as EndNote?


I am dissappointed in FFT right now with endnote.