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Insert Citation into MS Word 2003

Hi Can anyone tell me why I suddenly started getting the whole tagged reference (about 20 lines) inserted into my Word2003 document rather than just the citation (author and year)?  I can't recall anything changing.  It just started happening suddenly. Thanks Willem
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Re: Insert Citation into MS Word 2003

You have inadvertantly turned on "show field codes" in word.  Open your Options (from tools menu), first tab, second column about 1/2 way down, untick the box to get back to expected behavior.  There is an obscure ctrl key command that I accidentally hit now and again that causes this.  If you remember what it is - you can turn it off the same way!
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Re: Insert Citation into MS Word 2003



Leanne's advice should do it; and for future reference, we also have a FAQ about this here.


And Leanne -- I think the shortcut key is ALT-F9.


I hope this helps! 

Gillian Neff
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