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Inserting "et al" into word as an in-text citation



I am currently using endnote x9 and Word from microsoft office 365 proplus. I have been trying to get word to insert et al. into an in-text citation when there are 2 or more authors from the first instance and i so far have had no luck. It seems as though even though i am making the changes on endnote and saving them as a different name and selecting the right referencing style on both endnote and word. These changes don't seem to be translating.


I need my references to look like this for example, (Barclay et al., 2006) or Barclay et al. (2006) however, no matter which style that I select when inserting it is coming out as (Barclay, 2006) or listing all surnames before the date.


I have checked help guides and this forum and I think I am doing everything correctly. I have also tried editing the output styles for my university's specific referencing style, Harvard and APA 6th and the same things are happening every time. I am saving every change I make as a different name every time.


I have tried:


Edit > Output styles > Edit "Harvard" > Citations >Author Lists

Abbreviated author list - first appearance: if 3 or more authors, list the first 1 and abbreviate with et al in italics is ticked

Abbreviated author list - subsequent appearance: if 2 or more authors, list the first 1 and abbreviate with et al in italics is ticked 


I have also done the same for the bibliography section and it is doing the same. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated! I am so close to giving up and citing/referencing everything manually.


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Re: Inserting "et al" into word as an in-text citation

One thing to check is whether your record has been entered with individual authors per line?  


Can you create a mini document add some citations format and zip it up with the output style you have edited and attach the zip file to a reply?    


BTW it is highly unusual to change 2 author papers to et al.  It is usually reserved for more than 2 or  even 4 or more.  

(long time Endnote user)