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Re: Is EndNote basically...done?

Your concerns are what kept me on this bug-ridden unsupported application for several years too long. I switched to Bookends ( and it migrated flawlessly with the PDFs. I was kicking myself for not switching sooner. It was pretty easy. And cheaper I might add. Way cheaper. 

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Re: Is EndNote basically...done?

Hi, @KnnNike :


Thank you so much for your post. I apologize that I am only just seeing it. 


For those who may not know me, I am the current Product Manager for EndNote. I have been working for Clarivate for the last 14 years, and always on EndNote -- I started out in the technical support team. I also used it myself in school. I tell you all this so you realize the deep commitment and responsibility I feel for this product. I truly love it, and rely on it just as many of you do.


Therefore, hopefully, you'll take my word for it when I say that EndNote is *definitely* not done. You may know that our company had a big business transition recently as we moved from our former parent company to form Clarivate Analytics. With that transition done, we've been putting the pieces in place to move our product forward. 


I see some discussion on this thread about the age of the interface, as well as 64-bit compatibility with Mac. Let me address those separately:


- On the 64-bit issue, believe me, we absolutely would never leave our Mac users out in the cold with this looming date from Apple. While I don't have an exact date, we have been saying publically for a while now that EndNote Mac users can expect an update in advance of this fall to address this issue. We'll give more details as we get closer, but rest assured we're working on it!


- In terms of the interface -- we hear you. The interface has not seen much love, and it's fair to say it shows its age in places. All I can say right now is stay tuned; we should have some exciting news about that soon. 


There's some really good things coming, and I hope that you will be along for the ride -- we can't do it without you! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to me directly at .


The very best wishes...



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Re: Is EndNote basically...done?

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With all due respect, actions speak louder than words. Since I posted this, I have moved on to ReadCube with zero regrets. I'm certain that tens of thousands have as well. Even the university librarians think that EndNote at this point is pretty terrible (according to the library staff at the major research university where I work), but they're too entrenched to switch to something better [yet]. Unfortunately, we've been hearing "stay tuned" from you for years. I can find posts from you back in 2013 (that's 6 years ago!) saying "stay tuned" and "we're seriously considering" an Android app. That's just an example, but I think it proves my point. Your response is curiously silent on any sort of Android presence for EndNote...


I understand that you're not personally to blame for the slower-than-glacial pace at which app development has progressed [edit: actually, if you've been the product manager for 14 years, I think the blame does lie mostly with you], but it's extremely difficult to put any sort of faith in your responses at this point. Either Clarivate has the most incompetent group of software engineers on the planet working on EndNote (who need years to fix basic issues), or you're seriously over-selling the priorities and resources devoted to this product.

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Re: Is EndNote basically...done?

I am, like others here, a long-time EndNote user, but for my most recent project switched to BookEnds. Is EndNote done? I don't know; they have a lot of ground to make up. But I would not start a new project using EndNote in the hopes that it might eventually get the upgrade it needs. Wait and see, and meanwhile use something else.

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Re: Is EndNote basically...done?

Following the upgrade to 9.3.1 on Catalina, all the performance issues seem to have been ironed out!  EndNote 9.3.1 at least for me is significantly faster than Bookends.  No longer spinning wheels, etc. even with very large libraries.  It is also way faster than EndNote 9.2 on Windows. Compared to the macOS 9.3.1 version, it is now the Windows version that seems unusable.

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Re: Is EndNote basically...done?

Well I sure hope Clarivate is good for it. I finally upgraded from X7 to 20, and on Monday I will be asking my IT wardens to put X7 back (I'm an institutionalized user, have to jump hoops to install software). It's the interface. It might look sleek and modern but it doesn't allow to customize or do basic things like open a record in a full Window, I can't work easily. What happened to beta-testing? The fact that Leanne, the most loyal user in the world with 8800+ posts on here, is questioning whether Endnote will survive, should be ringing alarms at Clarivate-Endnote HQ.